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Twintype harnesses cutting-edge virtual prototyping technology to revolutionize product development. It allows for intricate 3D visualization and real-time modifications, streamlining the design process and enabling a deeper understanding of products before they reach the production stage. This project represents a significant leap in efficiency and accuracy for industries relying on detailed design and manufacturing.

History Platform

Connecting people & history


In the Mirror dance installation, dancer tells her life story. The dance performance produced in collaboration with Kiasma Theater is an exploration of the possibilities of technology in performing arts.

The Cyborg - Opera

Hybrid art spectacle that delves into the interface of humanity and artificial intelligence. Embark on a journey with 'Amber', a woman evolving into a cyborg, as the performance challenges the boundaries of physical and virtual realities and questions the essence of human identity in a digitally-transformed world.

The Futural

AI community art installation

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