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In the Mirror dance installation, dancer tells her life story. The dance performance produced in collaboration with Kiasma Theater is an exploration of the possibilities of technology in performing arts.

The Mirror: A Dance Odyssey is a mesmerizing journey through movement and technology, where the art of dance meets the magic of holographic projections. Utilizing motion capture and real-time motion graphics, our performers dance not only on the physical stage but also in the ethereal realm of light and shadow, creating a truly immersive spectacle.

In Mirror, each movement becomes a brushstroke that paints a living canvas of light, color, and shape. This harmonious blend of human movement and digital expression redefines the boundaries of dance, inviting the audience into an enthralling dialogue between the physical and the virtual. Witness as the stage transforms into a reflective pool of endless possibilities, a mirror into the soul of dance itself.

This project is realized in collaboration with the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle and Kiasma Theatre, bringing together a fusion of creativity, technology, and artistry.

Dance: Karoliina Kauhanen

Choreography: Hanna Pajala-Assefa

Dramaturgy: Maria Lindeman

Direction and audiovisual implementation: Tomi Paijo

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