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KonTai Oy

Art & People

We foster connections within the cultural realm, crafting projects and tools that bring art to life interactively. Beyond art, we empower understanding, communication, and innovation across diverse cultural and societal domains.

Bridging Art and Experience

At KonTai, we fuse art, technology, and engagement to craft unforgettable experiences. Our team, a harmonious blend of artists and tech enthusiasts, thrives on turning passive art into dynamic conversations.


Innovative Performances and Installations

We don't just showcase art; we redefine its boundaries. Our projects, ranging from state-of-the-art installations to immersive performances, invite the audience to be more than just spectators. Every piece is an open invitation to interact, discuss, and shape.


Events That Connect

Beyond traditional settings, our curated events are crafted to foster genuine connections. They become vibrant platforms where audiences can engage, share, and co-create, truly making the experience their own.


A New Wave in Cultural Production

Drawing inspiration from our rich background in visual arts, combined with cutting-edge technological expertise, we're continually pushing the envelope. With every endeavor, we aim to set new benchmarks in interactive cultural experiences.


At KonTai, art isn't just an exhibit; it's a dialogue. Dive into our world where every piece, performance, and event is a two-way conversation, waiting for your voice.

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