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The Cyborg - Opera

Hybrid art spectacle that delves into the interface of humanity and artificial intelligence. Embark on a journey with 'Amber', a woman evolving into a cyborg, as the performance challenges the boundaries of physical and virtual realities and questions the essence of human identity in a digitally-transformed world.

Our Cyborg Immersive Opera Performance is a groundbreaking staged experience that integrates performers, audience, and the digital universe. Utilizing cutting-edge holographic projections and interactive technologies, we invite you on an explorative journey into the realm of cyborgs and artificial intelligence. This project, an innovative fusion of art installation and opera, engages the audience in a dialogue about the intimate coexistence of humans and technology. As we evolve into a full-scale opera project, we continue to challenge and reinterpret perceptions of identity and existence in this era of rapid technological advancement.

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